Go Set a Watchman

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Συγγραφέας Lee Harper
Εκδόσεις Cornerstone
ISBN 9781784755287
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ID #4293 | ημερομηνία: 2020-06-15
Δανάη Ιμπραχήμ | 68 κριτικές

You don't see colours. You only see people

What do you do when your whole world comes crushing down? You take a trip down to memory lane and try to see all the hints that you've missed. Our little Scout is all grown up and lives in New York. She occasionally visits her home town to keep company to her old father and see her on and off boyfriend, Henry. Her last visit though will be the most unpleasant of all. Being still the unconventional girl, unwilling to follow her time's rules, she comes across a devastating truth about her father. Atticus's new attitude is what makes this book so controversial, yet I find it the most challenging thing in Go set a watchman. It's hard to compare this old racist to the lawyer that defended an Afroamerican almost two decades ago. But what was his true motive? I think the answer is all over Go Set a watcman. First of all, "To kill a mockingbird" was pretty much the POV of Jeane Louise, a little girl that admired her daddy. Her loving hero avoided the whitewashed community and became an Afro's defender. Maybe that dream was nothing but childish thoughts. Atticus is a lawyer above all and defends only the law, a law he's not willing to see changed. After all, years have passed and not all people grow up to become better. Despite his character undevelompent, Atticus cannot but admire his daughter's mind for she is the independent woman he'd always wanted her to be. Therefore, we all know that Jeane Louise will change the world and will not stop fightint for equal rights. As they've said she's colourblind and all she sees is people. And that's exactly what a narrow - minded community like Maycomb needs. That's exactly what we all need even almost 6o years later...

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