The Dark Vault

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Συγγραφέας Schwab V. E.
Εκδόσεις Titan Books Ltd
ISBN 9781789090857
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ID #45508 | ημερομηνία: 2021-01-09
Book Notes by Athina | 87 κριτικές

As with all Victoria Schwab's books that I have read so far, I loved this one too. I liked more the second book than the first. I really like the way the story goes and how despite my guesses I was still surprised by the plot. Wes is one of my favourite characters. The world building is amazing and different from what we are used to in fantasy books. This book is filled with suspense and mystery and it can get creepy some times. Also, Victoria knows how to make a good villain and the one in these books was no exception. I like that every new book V. E. Schawb writes is completely different from the others she has written. You never know what to expect from her books and that's a good thing for me.

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