Shadow and Bone

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Συγγραφέας Bardugo Leigh
Εκδόσεις St Martin's Press
ISBN 9781250027436
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ID #54695 | ημερομηνία: 2021-07-11
mαriliα | 44 κριτικές

Shadow and bone

Μοναδικό!!! Εάν είστε λάτρεις των βιβλίων φαντασίας, σας το προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα!!! Το διάβασα μόλις σε μια εβδομάδα και το λάτρεψα! Στην αρχή το είχα ξεκινήσει μόνο και μόνο για να διαβάσω έπειτα την δυλογια των the crows, διότι υπάρχουν αρκετά spoiler από την τριλογία. Ωστόσο δεν περίμενα ότι θα μου άρεσε τόσο μα τόσο πολύ!

ID #51901 | ημερομηνία: 2021-05-07
Μελίνα Χότζα | 33 κριτικές

Really love it

Magic, love, adventure, I was so hooked I could not put this down but it was also the best book in the trilogy in my opinion. I had lower expectations but I recomment it to anyone who has or has not watched the show!

ID #40662 | ημερομηνία: 2020-10-06
Δανάη Ιμπραχήμ | 68 κριτικές

Couldn't put it down

It was probably the first time I started reading a book without having any idea about the plot. Even though the Shadow & Bone trilogy is everywhere, I hadn't undrestood what it's about. Someone ought to have spared me the pain! Leigh Bardugo is my 2020 sensation. My first encounter with her was through Ninth House, something very different from Grisha Verse. However, the hints of darkness were also there. In the first part of the trilogy, we're thrown into a world of war and monsters, so we know that the adventure is going to be big. Just like the heartache. I particularly enjoyed the emotional challenge with Darkling and I still find myself liking him or hoping that things will be very different in the next chapters. All and all, Shadow and Bone is a page turner fantasy adventure, with a really interesting world based of Russian culture. That was a huge plus for me, because I get tired of mainstream-english-like worlds. I'm not saying that they are not good, just that other cultures deserve equal represantation. Another thing I admired is about the bonus material my copy had, so if you've read a different edition be prepared for minor spoilers Leigh doesn't exclude from her books women who have been abused and always explores the desperation that will suffocate them in order to find a moment of peace. I tried to find excuses for Genya, even though I knew that her betrayl is huge and I would personally not forgive her. But as I read about her pain and struggles I couldn't hold a grunge. She's a warrior, more than a pretty thing and I hope that she gets her revenge on anyone who has eploited her and hurt her. That means you too, Darkling. Sorry.

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