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Συνολική βαθμολογία (1-10):




Συγγραφέας Miller Madeline
Εκδόσεις Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN 9781408890080
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Έως 30 χαρακτήρες.
Κριτικές βιβλίου: 5
ID #51909 | ημερομηνία: 2021-05-07
Μελίνα Χότζα | 33 κριτικές

I love how the ending is left to the fantasy

My love for Circe and Telemachus is too big.

ID #41893 | ημερομηνία: 2020-10-22
Book Notes by Athina | 87 κριτικές

When I picked up Circe I didn't know what to expect. The only thing I knew was it's general theme Circe's myth. I really liked the way Madeline Miller told us the story of Circe through her eyes and not the others around her. We saw the real Circe and what had happened to her from her childhood throughout the years. All these explained why she acted like this. If you enjoy Greek Mythology, complex heroines and adventures then this book is for you.

ID #10166 | ημερομηνία: 2020-07-08

Για λάτρεις της μυθολογίας!

Η μυθολογία σε ένα μυθιστόρημα!

ID #3907 | ημερομηνία: 2020-06-12
bookishredpanda | 123 κριτικές


How does it feel to always feel different? How does it feel to always be the outsider? The one they always discuss negatively? The one considered less smart, talented, good looking? Circe is a combination of captivating mythology and incredible storytelling.

ID #2133 | ημερομηνία: 2020-06-05
MariannaReads_ | 81 κριτικές

I did not expect this to be so good!

Miller sure does have a way with words. I did not expect to like a book with so little dialogue in it but I was amazed by it. I'm a sucker for mythology and seeing all these myths interwoven was amazing. There where some twists I didn't expect and I was actually surprised in a good way by this book. I highly recommend it especially if you are into Greek mythology and you like tales.

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