The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air)

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Συγγραφέας Black Holly
Εκδόσεις Hot Key Books
ISBN 9781471407277
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ID #43852 | ημερομηνία: 2020-11-23
Μελίνα Χότζα | 33 κριτικές

Ahh I love faeries

This book is amazing! It gets even better as the story develops. I want to read The Wicked King so much and see what happens! I littetaly finished half of it in a day bcs I was so hooked. I loved Cardan and he was one of my favourite characters, and also didn't expect what happened in the coronation at all so this was a surprise haha. Totally recommend if you are debating on reading this;)

ID #41505 | ημερομηνία: 2020-10-12
Book Notes by Athina | 87 κριτικές

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, the first book in The Folk of Air series is full of hype but let me tell you that the hype is real in this case. Magic, fairies and politics all in one book. What else do you need? We have beautiful writing as always by Holly Black and a very good story with an excellent world building. The politics in this book are huge. It's like Game of Thrones but in the fae world. The book is full of intrigue, plotting, scheming and of course plot twists until the very end. There is a strong female main character (Jude), who manages to come through everything. There is also Prince Cardan who is just beautifully cruel.

ID #22132 | ημερομηνία: 2020-07-15
Δανάη Ιμπραχήμ | 68 κριτικές

If I cannot be better than them, I will become worse

I am really conflicted about this book. The idea is great. The setting is beautifu. The story has potentional but something bothered me. I've been seeing The Cruel Prince around Bookstagram for quite some time and after five monts of literally chasing it, I finally got the the trilogy in my bookcase. The hype was huge and the Goodreads rate is surprisingly high but I didn't love it. I didn't hate it either ofc. Up until the bloody coronation I've been forcing myself to keep going. I wasn't going to stop reading it, because it wasn't boring. But it wasn't thrilling. I missed the action for a long time, even though the troublesome characters could be more... troublesome. After the big plot twist, the book turned out to be a page turner. The characters stopped being pushed around by the author and actually acted on their own. They were all interesting since the moment we met them, because Holly Black built a world where it's ok to be naughty. And me likey lawful evil / chaotic neutral characters. But for the most part, it was obvious that she was setting the rules and that they were just puppets. Jude was my favourite ofc. She was a fighter, a badass mortal willing to bend the entire kingdom to her will, to have it lived by her own rules. She was sensitive and sometimes vulnerable. But all the things that made her weak in the Feys' eyes she turned them into her golden armour. You go girl! I'm so rooting for you. (And your enemy to be lover ofc!)

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